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    • 03/19/2020
    • 9:30 AM
    • 03/22/2020
    • 4:30 PM
    • Main Studio
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    Bring your painting skill to a higher level! Learn how to paint luminous watercolors by manipulating tonal values, color and edge. In this workshop, Frank will share advanced painting techniques to create atmosphere, balance and unity in your work. Topics will include design and composition, color and lighting, positives and negatives, simplification of shape, and atmospheric effects. The techniques you will learn in Frank’s workshop transcend the watercolor medium. A painter's painter, Frank Eber works in a direct, loose style influenced by the Old World masters. Typical in his art are color mixes and light that evoke nostalgia while remaining absolutely in the present. Frank's watercolor workshops reach beyond technique, encouraging individual expression and observing the elusive balance of forces that create beauty in painting. All levels are welcome but students should have an understanding of the watercolor medium and of simple one point perspective.

    Please sign up early; class size is limited.

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    • 06/05/2020
    • 06/07/2020
    • 3 sessions
    • main studio

    This workshop is specially designed for the realist painter interested in adding elements of abstraction to his or her work while remaining firmly rooted in traditional representational techniques. A series of progressive exercises will guide students through a process of eliminating unnecessary visual information to arrive at a clear and simplified final image. Through a combination of slideshows, discussions, assignments and critiques, this workshop will expose students to new artistic possibilities for self-expression. Students should bring their own reference photos and also plan to take photos while in class (printed photos may be used and/or images from a laptop/iPad, especially if it has photo-editing software). There will be at least one session painting from a still life set up. This class is open-media but the instructor will demonstrate using acrylics. Please sign up early; class size is limited.

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    • 07/10/2020
    • 07/12/2020
    • 3 sessions
    • Main studio

    Take your still life paintings to the next level! Color, light and technique are key elements in this unique approach to still life painting. From planning and composing a painting to final touches, students will learn Lisa’s step-by-step approach to give your still life paintings impact. Short demonstrations followed by plenty of class work time will ignite a passion for still life painting as you see your work take shape. You will learn the skills needed to create realistic still life paintings that are loaded with impressive details. We will discuss subject matter, color selection, pastel application, and other techniques to create stunning paintings. We will also learn secrets for handling difficult surfaces such as glass or metal—a common challenge. To insure each student the best possible outcome, the class will be working from a color photo (provided). This helps to keep everyone on pace so as much information as is possible is covered in the given time. Students will receive plenty of personal attention. This workshop is equally suited for the beginner as it is for the experienced painter. If you aren't already in love with still life painting, you will be by the end of this workshop! Please sign up early; class size is limited.

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    • 08/13/2020
    • 08/16/2020
    • 4 sessions
    • Main studio

    Art reveals the evidence of our experiences and values. By observing and creating, the artist suggests themes that are essential to his or her character, and perpetuates the making and sharing of experiences. Through art, subjects become significant to us in unique ways, aesthetically and conceptually. Through lecture and demonstration, this workshop will not only reinforce an understanding of composition and form, but will also explore methods to break up and strip down the subject, then reconstruct it in new and surprising ways. Working in oils, we will explore systems of dividing the space within the rectangle, distributing the lines and forms of the subject. Students will participate in discussions regarding the subtleties,variations, lines, textures and colors that enliven our senses and captivate our interest; the way our eyes perceive things and how we make choices regarding their relative importance; the suggestion of the passage of time; the relative states of motion and stillness; how the artist may represent nature in order to reflect on his or her perceptions, experiences and values while also contemplating the important power of content, symbol and abstraction. Douglas demonstrates every day of the workshop. This class is meant for intermediate to advanced painters.

    Please sign up early; class size is limited.

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