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Activity Paused

online exhibition dates: May 9 - July 20

In an effort to find something fun for our wonderful artists to participate in, we are doing a fun,

impromptu online exhibit of artwork created during this "stay at home" time. 

Please send in images (up to 3) of what you have been working on with titles and perhaps a little explanation of your inspiration. It certainly does not need to be finished! Sketches and works in progress will be wonderful!!

It is so easy to enter! No fee and no forms! Please send your images to and title the email, Activity Paused. We will have our exhibition committee take a look and then the accepted works will be posted on the webpage dedicated to our online community exhibit! We’ll be adding pieces to the show as they come in so check back often! 

Quarantine by Carolyn Berry

Covid Cross by Carolyn Berry

Virus by Carolyn Berry

Quarantine: My mother-in-law was quarantined in 1937 for scarlet fever.  I found remnants of the sign that was posted on their home in an old barn.  I think we have forgotten that quarantine medical practices were common on the past so I made this collage as a reminder that contagious diseases aren't new.

Covid Cross and Virus pieces were create by rusting objects on paper with addition of charcoal and pastel encased in encaustic wax.  I started cutting up these rusted papers and they reminded me of cells and how the virus moves in our community.  - Carolyn Berry

Day's End by Waid Griffin

This is one in a series of oil studies I did during the break.  I was exploring compositional elements.  

- Waid Griffin

Claude's Dream by Waid Griffin

This is another one of the oil studies.  I was working on balancing color tones and, at the same time, masses and shapes derived, obviously, from the southwestern US.  I was trying to make all elements carry one mood, one idea, but maybe with extension of “time”.  - Waid Griffin

Equis by Waid Griffin

It has been good to be able to spend some time studying anatomy.  This sketch was made from an inexpensive horse “model" that I bought recently while traveling.  - Waid Griffin

Uplifted by Lynda Burch

 It is called Uplifted, and we feel we have to spiritually be above the physical world.     - Lynda Burch

Corona Virus Blues by Marian Berg

Abiquiu Revery by Marian Berg

Backyard Mural by Marian Berg

I am really enjoying being at home. My nursing job has been on hold due to low census, and this is the first time in 35 years that I haven't worked! I started a mural in my back yard because I was tired of looking at the ugly cinder block wall. It's about 35 feet long by 6 feet, so it should keep me out of trouble for a while! I have also been finishing up some paintings and started a few new ones. I do miss the NMAL figure drawing sessions, though, and am hopeful that we can start doing that again soon.     - Marian Berg

Social Isolation 1 by Terry Garrett

Social Isolation 2 by Terry Garrett

Social Isolation 3 by Terry Garrett

Sheltering at Home by Joan Christy

Looking for the Flower by Marlene Chula

Gossip by Marlene Chula

Untitled by Kristine Klaiber

This was inspired by a herd of free range horses that roam up and down the road I live on. I see them as I ride my bike down the road.      - Kristine Klaiber

Serenity by Mary Gofoth

This is Forrest from Wild Spirit Sanctuary in Grants....I alway love to paint white fur. 

 - Mary Goforth

Maggie May by Mary Gofoth

I love sheep..always have....wouldn’t mind a few grazing around my backyard but hard to explain to the neighbors why a wooly dog baaaa’s!    - Mary Goforth

Little Stinker by Mary Gofoth 

This is a rescued skunk that a very kind lady raised. The skunk is now several years old and rules the house!     - Mary Gofoth


Untitled by Christopher Romero

Untitled by Christopher Romero

I have been inspired recently by my family and the world around me. The chaos going on in the world just makes me want to paint and bring happiness through my art to anyone who sees it.        - Christopher Romero

Cabezone by Anne Roe 

Secret Place by Anne Roe 

Up From the Fjord by Mary Sweet

Into the Fjord by Mary Sweet

Storm Clouds, Alaska by Mary Sweet

COVID Collage I by Nancy Magnusson

COVID Collage II by Nancy Magnusson

COVID Collage III by Nancy Magnusson

Everything scrap became precious during lockdown as trips to Artisan were curtailed.  Taking inventory of my supplies in March I found I had a new box of mat blades, plenty of papers of all sizes and way too many almost empty tubes of acrylics.  Time to use them up! Time to try new things!  Time to start cutting!  Collage time.  These quick sketches birthed new ideas that helped fill the voids of covid quarantine.    -Nancy Magnusson

Flowers From My Garden by Michelle Tisdale

 I kept this painting from the Flowers for Santa Fe Project sponsored by the Artists Medical Fund.  The paintings have been donated to hospital patients at St. Vincents and Nursing Home patients isolated by COVID.  - Michelle Tisdale

It's Bow Tie Tuesday by Michelle Tisdale 

I was fed up with the days seeming the same and thought Tuesday needed something to jazz it up. I plan to continue this theme.            - Michelle Tisdale

Childhood Hikes in the Snow by Michelle Tisdale

Though a very cold scene I wanted this painting to reflect a peaceful beautiful mood as the warm light cast by the sun changes the scene and fills it with warmth.    - Michelle Tisdale

Delicate by Rhonda Spidell-Whitley

Peach Iris Splendor by Rhonda Spidell-Whitley

Untitled by Carol Babington

 Untitled by Carol Babington 

Untitled by Carol Babington

The inner  light still shines when you can entertain yourself. What the quarantine demonstrated  is how our culture is so orientated to watching other people do things~if , on the other hand, your parents played ball, walked , or even talked to you, you learned how to entertain yourself.                   - Carol Babington


This Week, That Week, Tomorrow by Janny Pezaro

U Say Tomato, I Say Tomorrow by Janny Pezaro

Face it. Tomorrow is Today by Janny Pezaro

Four Square Poppies by Michael Dreger

Stone Flower by Michael Dreger

Flowered Asphalt by Michael Dreger

Los Poblanos by Mellie Myer

Crazy Sky by Mellie Myer

Red Cliff (work in progress) by Mellie Myer

Cubotov by Celeste Lamb

Beyond the Curve by Linda Sugar

Confusion by Linda Sugar

Untitled by Vasili Katakis

Untitled (work in progress) by Vasili Katakis

Enduring Spirit by Vasili Katakis

A group challenge where we were to resurrect an unfinished work. This one was abandoned 20 years ago, where I wanted to capture how this iconic New Mexico symbol has and will endure the test time. I continue to work on it,even with very little tooth remaining.    - Vasili Katakis

Nine Things I Can See From Here by Frances McCain

This is a little reflection on a prompt from an artist friend.   - Frances McCain

Grabrielle (unfinished) by Peggy Nichols 

Untitled (from a dream) by Peggy Nichols

Angela and Gabrielle by Peggy Nichols

Untitled by Chuck Lockhart

Untitled by Chuck Lockhart

Untitled by Chuck Lockhart

Vine Divine by Pam Riess

"Vine Divine"  The photos were taken at the home of a friend while at a birthday party on Feb. 29.  We didn't know that would be our last large gathering for a long time. There are no people in this piece, a reflection of this strange time.    - Pam Reiss

Outpost by Pam Riess

"Outpost"  A construction project on our property began in late 2019 and was completed during "stay at home" time.  We were home but eventually needed to don masks when work or inspections occurred.   - Pam Reiss

The Galaxy Diner by Cheryl Godin

The Ponderosa by Cheryl Godin

 Westerner In by Cheryl Godin

"I dream of returning to the road again where I meet people from all walks of life who share with me the history of my painting subjects." - Cheryl A. Godin


       Lime and Avocado by Carla Wilcox

Far Away by Betty Lehnus

Work by Betty Lehnus

Bandana by Betty Lehnus

All in response to the “Masked” reality we are all part of.  - Betty Lehnus

Botanicl Light and Air by Melissa Lowry Mosely

Shadow of the Daffodil as Dove by Melissa Lowry Mosely

Tilted Horizons by Melissa Lowry Mosley

My inspiration was the outdoors ... Light, Air, Nature.       - Melissa Lowry Mosely

Behind the Gate by Paula Heffner

The inspiration was a photo I took last year in the beautiful city of Cartagena, Columbia.  Our guide said that behind these kind of gates were beautiful courtyards. - Paula Heffner

Pretty Peonies by Paul Heffner

 I painted this in honor of Mother's Day.   - Paula Heffner

Santuario Shadows by Paula Heffner

The inspiration was a black and white photo study of light and Shadow taken at the Sanctuario de Chimayo.

- Paula Heffner

Southwest Springtime by Valorie Sams

Red Onions by Valorie Sams

Morning Desert by Valorie Sams

I live in Artesia, New Mexico and of course my inspiration is the beautiful state of New Mexico!!  - Valorie Sams

Wild Iris by Jinkle Seagrave

Pagosa Peak by Jinkle Seagrave

Social Distancing by Jinkle Seagrave

Thanks for the opportunity to share paintings done during the “shut down.”  I’ve been experimenting with many different styles and subjects.  - Jinkle Seagrave

Untitled by Jeff Otis

Untitled by Jeff Otis

First Snow on the Sandias by Jeff Otis

Aspen by Lyn Metheny

My sister asked for a painting of aspens      - Lyn Metheny

Cranes by Jackie Garretsen Brownell

I love that the Sandhill Cranes winter in our Bosque and also travel to Alaska for the summer.  I lived in Alaska for 30 years, so the cranes' migration connect me to both places.  The first image was inspired by Cranes flying over fields in the South Valley.   - Jackie Garretson Brownell

Cranes Arriving in Alaska by Jackie Garretson Brownell

The second picture, Cranes Arriving in Alaska was painted from a photo sent to me by my daughter, who lives in Anchorage.           - Jackie Garretson Brownell

Walt's Trapper Painting by Jackie Garretson Brownell

The last image, Walt's Trapper Painting, was inspired by a photo from a friend.  It was taken from the porch of his cabin on Trapper Lake northwest of Wasilia. Mount Denali is seen in the distance.  I miss my regular classes at the NM Art League and hope we can all paint together again soon.  - Jackie Garretson Brownell

Refelctions by Dale Potter

Abandoned by Dale Potter

Bosque by Alice Webb

...thinking about how the trees and their leaves and branches cover you when you are deep in the bosque      

- Alice Webb

Sunset Over the Volcanoes by Alice Webb

... a view from a walk through Los Poblanos... this piece is that moment where objective imagery and complete abstraction merge   - Alice Webb

Abiquiu by Alice Webb

...a piece from my heart which loves the glory of northern New Mexico, this is O'Keeffe country   - Alice Webb


Untitled by Lauren Deyo 

Untitled by Lauren Deyo

Untitled by Lauren Deyo

Looking forward to less confinement hopefully soon. Thank you for reaching out to us and asking what keeps people busy. Utube videos keep teaching new art techniques, and I have been influenced by Robyn McClendon's mail art revival. Have made several post cards and mailed some to friends. Including three images here, all hand painted.

- Lauren Deyo

Dr. Willam Butler by Gary Goodnight

Practicing otolaryngology has been a challenge in light of the coronavirus pandemic.  May each of you stay safe and stay healthy!  - Gary Goodnight

American Goldfinch by Sarah Siltala

A Moment's Repose by Sarah Siltala

Wren,in progress by Sarah Siltala

Yellow Bird by Candace Rechner 

Red Tom Cat on My Neighbor's Wall by Candace Rechner 

Bored by Daniel Willard

I painted this watercolor one evening from the tailgate of my truck 

looking at my neighbors yard.   - Daniel Willard

San Pasqual, the Kitchen Saint by Karyn DeBont

Espanola Cemetery by Karyn DeBont

Toas Pickup by Karyn DeBont

A couple of friends and I have been taking turns sharing photographs to paint--we all three paint one and then compare the results.  It keeps you painting. - Karyn DeBont

Woman Sitting by Mindy Bradford

A figure painting to remind us of warm summers and languid afternoons.   - Mindy Bradford

Passages 1 by Mindy Bradford

Passages 2 by Mindy Bradford

I am exploring passages of active movement and restful interludes throughout the paintings. It is as if I am flying through cosmic space where matter constantly alters between solid, liquid and gas. Life is, itself, a restless journey both light-filled and dark, corporeal and spiritual. I am interested in how we move and transition throughout the spatial matter of our lives, and though paint, it's capacity for weight, shape, and form to reflect our experience.   - Mindy Bradford

Arroyo Chico Crossing by Tom Shine

Guadalupe Canyon Elements by Tom Shine

Family Portrait by Carmen Badeau

I have been very busy since late March when the Governor closed the state!  - Carmen Badeau

Social Distancing by Linda Heath

I Feel Pretty by Jonna James

Maid Miriam by Jonna James


"I haven't drawn or painted as much as I would have liked during this time, but I was so inspired by the abundance of irises to do some quick is one of them." 

- Brigid Conklin

Remembrance Poppies by Ruth Andrews-Vreeland

Sarbee by Ruth Andrews-Vreeland

I’ve also been sewing up a storm, making all kinds of cute, fun, beautiful, and highly functional (very “filtering”) face-masks for everyone in my family, including LOTS of people I’ve had to mail them to ... lots of nieces and nephews out in MO, and up in Colorado ... and a few cousins in CA! I also made lots for a local nursing home where a friend of mine works.  (They have a “filter” in the inside pocket, and I’ve been using our Kirby vacuum cleaner bags to cut those out. They’re washable “HEPA” filters, that filter out 99.9% of micron dust, bacteria and germs.)  

- Ruth Andrews-Vreeland

Song of the Barren Rock by Maria Cole

Symphony in Grey Minor by Maria Cole

“My paintings begin long before I stand in front of the easel with a brush in my hand; they are brought to consciousness by nature and the beauty of everyday life. 

I do not try to recreate the sources of inspiration, I show the excitement I feel observing the endless variations of every one of their elements, moods and attitudes.

My work is conceived while hiking, listening to music and sometimes in places as mundane as the grocery store or riding the subway. 

There are exciting possibilities everywhere we look if we can perceive with an open mind. Every environment tells a story, interpreting the beauty of that story is what moves me and ignites my creative spark.” - Maria Cole

Title to be decided by Michael Ottersen

Title to be decided by Michael Ottersen

Twenty Super Stars by Michael Ottersen

COVID 19 Rising by Ann LeMay

Stay Home bu Ann Lemay

I decided to do a series on the virus using red and or yellow as I so often see in pictures of the COVID 19.  - Ann LeMay

Caws for Peace by Sandi Ludescher

Still Waiting by Sandi Ludescher


Aprender a Ser Valiente de Nuevo by Sandi Ludescher

Even though I lost my income stream due to this virus, I’ve been grateful for the time it’s given me to paint everyday, guilt free, at least a couple of hours. Since I’m preparing for a large solo show featuring my Dia de los Muertos series this fall, this time has been a real blessing.   - Sandi Ludescher 

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